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If you are a current or incoming UK student, there are a number of great reasons to take classes during the break. It's a perfect time to enroll in a course you need, explore a new interest or check out a special program. Earn academic credit and make this break count.

Why take UK Break Courses?

Better Access 

Grab a seat in a popular course. Many courses that fill up fast during the regular academic year are open during the break and often have fewer students.

Major, Minor and Requirement Courses

Catch up or get ahead with break classes. Check off a major requirement, a prerequisite or an Area of Knowledge course.

Accelerated Learning

Make the most of your time with condensed, intensive break courses. 

Large Course Selection

With numerous courses offered in most colleges and fields of study, we've got you covered during the break. Take a class in social sciences, engineering, computer science and technology, languages, business, health, education, the environment or one of numerous other disciplines.