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Visiting students can easily apply on our Streamlined Non-Degree Application. This application is for

Non-Degree Seeking Students:

Students desiring to continue their education without seeking a degree. Non-degree status affords an opportunity for individuals to pursue lifelong learning without the structure of degree-seeking status and is consistent with the educational mission of UK.

Students Seeking Transfer Credits:

These students may be interested in taking a course while home for the break, with a preferred professor at UK, or one that is not currently offered at the institution where they are enrolled.

Applicants will be asked to self-certify that they have obtained a high school diploma, GED or meet the Kentucky Council on Post-Secondary Education college readiness indicators. Students wishing to change to degree-seeking status at the University of Kentucky after enrolling as a non-degree student must apply using the same application process as those who are degree seeking.

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Other Student Types

Students who do not fit into the above categories must apply to UK and be admitted through our normal application and course registration process. If you need assistance please reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admission, the Graduate School, or call 859 257-2000.


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