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One Rate Everyone will pay $499 per credit hour for our undergraduate summer courses.

To further underscore our commitment to you, we are offering our entire summer course catalog at a very affordable rate for everyone, regardless of whether you live in state, out of state, are a current student, new student, or visiting one. Our goal is to help provide our community with the support students need to navigate these uncertain times.

Current UK Students

Currently Enrolled UK students can register by logging in to myUK.

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Non-UK Students

Visiting students can easily apply on our Streamlined Non-Degree Application.

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Unified in Purpose. United in Commitment. 

It’s an unprecedented time for all of us.

We realize, though, we must  keep moving forward, with purpose and commitment. That’s why we are transitioning all of our Summer 2020 course catalog to online format. That way, our students can more easily work toward degrees and certifications that will help better prepare them for what’s next from wherever they are.

Make the most of Summer 2020. Stay on track for graduation without ever leaving home with UK’s online Summer School. Take advantage of our special summer discounted rate for undergrads.

A female student works on her laptop outside.

Academic Excellence

Experience the same high-quality education that’s offered on our residential campus.

Draw on the resources of a flagship university that includes undergraduate, professional, medical, and agricultural colleges -- one of only a handful in the country with the array of programs on one campus.

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Enrolled Students

If you are currently enrolled as a UK student, join us this summer for engaging and enriching online courses. Whether you take a few of your required courses to get your degree closer to your degree sooner, or simply want to learn something new, we’ve got you covered. And, you will only pay $499 per course hour for undergraduate courses, regardless of your in-state or out-of-state status—a substantial discount so we may help our students during this unprecedented time. 

Currently enrolled UK students can register by logging in to myUK. Visiting students can easily apply on our Streamlined Non-Degree Application. See below for more information.

Register now on myUK

Visiting or Non-Degree Seeking Students

Our summer courses are available to visiting and non-degree seeking students as well, and for the same reduced cost of $499 per credit hour for undergraduate courses, regardless of whether you live in state or out of state. 

Taught by our own world-class faculty, the University of Kentucky’s summer courses give students the opportunity to dive into new and exciting course work or get ahead on their current studies. It’s that flexible. It is designed for your needs.

With smaller class sizes and easy access to professors, students are poised for success from the start.

Everyone at UK is committed to creating a supportive community for students – one that is challenging in the classroom and goes beyond the curriculum to help ensure success.

Non-degree status affords an opportunity for individuals to pursue lifelong learning without the structure of degree-seeking status. That flexibility and range of courses are consistent with our mission to help every student reach their goals.

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Stay Smart at Home: Summer 2020